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SBF Representation

SBF Representation

The Scottish Building Federation is represented on a number of important industry bodies and organisations;


CITB Council

SBF Representative: Craig Bruce (Pert Bruce Construction)

The CITB Council is an integral part of CITB governance and, as the ‘voice’ of the industry, provides insight into industry challenges across nations and industry sectors.



B&CE Board

SBF Representative: David Smth                                      

Created in 1942 to offer financial services to the Building and Civil Engineering industry, B&CE is a still a not-for-profit organisation providing simple financial products. Today, B&CE have expanded with coverage across all sectors, offering a range of services such as employee accident and life cover and the popular automatic enrolment solution The People's Pension.

B&CE continue to acknowledge their construction heritage with industry representatives on their Board, widespread engagement across the sector and through the development of the B&CE Charitable Trust.    


Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC)

SBF Representative: SBATC Chair Gavin Hay (City Building (Glasgow) LLP)

The Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) was created by SBF in 1934 to regulate the training and working conditions of apprentices entering the industry. Today, SBATC retains these crucial objectives whilst also acting as the registration and joint awarding body for all construction apprenticeships in Scotland.

SBATC therefore plays a key role in determining the nature and duration of construction apprenticeships, agreeing the terms and conditions of apprenticeship in addition to shaping and approving the curriculum of craft qualifications including the 'skills test'.


Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC)

SBF Representative: Alastair White

SBF is the only Scottish representative in a grouping of nine trade federations around the CIJC table when negotiating the collectively bargained Working Rule Agreement which sets standard terms and conditions of employment across the industry.  


Constructing Better Health Board

SBF Representative: Vaughan Hart

Constructing Better Health (CBH) is a not-for-profit scheme dedicated to improving the standard of occupational health management in the construction industry. SBF Managing Director, Vaughan Hart, is also a Director of CBH, representing the interests of SBF Members and the wider Scottish construction industry in progressing this increasingly important agenda.


Scottish Building Contract Committee (SBCC) / The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT)

SBF Representatives: Eric Fleming and Ian Honeyman 

The Scottish Building Contracts Committee


Construction Scotland - Industry Leadership Group

SBF Representative: Derek Shewan (Robertson Group Ltd)

The Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group (ILG) brings together key figures from the private and public sector to drive sector growth and industry wide collaboration and alignment.

The ILG is charged with developing industry‚Äźled strategies for construction, providing leadership to stimulate action by businesses and promote industry growth. The ILG also has a number of working groups in areas such as Procurement and Skills and People which are also populated by SBF Members.  


Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Construction

SBF Representative: Vaughan Hart

The aim of the CGP on Construction is to ensure that Scotland has a world-class construction industry delivering best value for its clients, a safe environment on its sites and a proper career path and employment prospects for its people.

The CPG on Construction will be the forum for Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), stakeholders and interested parties to engage directly with each other in order to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing the sector and to better inform the development of policy in this important area. 


Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Skills

SBF Representative: Paul Mitchell

The aim of the CPG on Skills is to bring together a wide range of organisations and individuals involved in skills development in Scotland to discuss and share ways in which skills development can be enhanced to bring sustainable economic benefits.